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May 18, 2016
Jermaine Jones , Vice President of Ducks.
Jermaine Jones , Vice President of Percy Priest Ducks.

Hey! I’m Jermaine Jones, Co-Founder & Vice President of the Percy Priest Ducks Youth Program.  We thought it would be a great idea to open up our blog to keep our parents & the community we serve updated on our organization.  First, the board and I would like to thank all newly registered Ducks & the many that have shown support for what we’re doing.  We’ve stepped out on faith to create an organization that is truly dedicated to the growth and development of our youth through sports.

Being a brand new organization, we have faced many challenges early on and continue to. With that being said, we are happy to say that we are going strong & are looking forward to a successful kick off to our first football season in the history of the Percy Priest Ducks.

I would like to take this time in our first blog to give you a bit of history on how our organization came about.  After spending years coaching at other youth programs, we came to the realization that we were missing something. Coaching football is great. But, to only coach the sport is a disservice to our children.  We wanted to construct an organization that is completely dedicated to not only coaching the sport, but dedicated to serving as a leader, a role-model, and as an extended family member to our youth.  So, in November of 2015 the Percy Priest Ducks Youth Program was born and we’ve hit the ground running since.

Why Should You Join Our Program?

We love the sport. We love our children. We love teaching & developing our children & the passion truly shows.  In our program, we highly encourage parent/guardian involvement and continue to think outside the box on how we can re-invent the way we look at & celebrate youth sports. You would be joining an active program that looks forward to winning by teaching our kids how to win and more importantly how to learn & bounce back from losses.

We’re in this solely for the children & every decision that takes place, takes place with the benefit of our children as our main priority & concern. While there are great programs out there, there are many who have lost sight of the benefit youth football is to our kids and we have made a promise to our kids, their parents, their family, and our community that we would never lose sight of our purpose.

Our purpose, is to teach & develop our kids through the sport of football.  Our purpose is to teach our kids how to be successful on the field and how to take our teachings and apply them to everyday situations off the field.  Our purpose is to contribute to the positive growth of our youth in our community by building a family.

Every child will understand the meaning of sportsmanship and what it means to be a team player. Take our word for it. This is what our program is about.

We’re excited & ready for the season! We can’t explain in words what this program has meant for us and we can’t wait to meet you!

Please remember, if you have any questions please reach out to us here or contact us on facebook.

Til Next Time,

Go Percy Priest!







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