New Practice Location
May 25, 2016

In an ongoing effort to improve the experience of our Players & their Families, we are excited to announce that we’ve decided to move our practice location from Coleman Community Center to Seven Oaks Park.  This change will benefit us in a couple of ways.

The biggest benefit will be lighting.  The Seven Oaks Parks is a well lit, spacious community park that will allow us to provide our players and family with lighting during the season change when daylight is cut short. We have seen many youth programs affected by the inability to get the most out of practice when occupying an area that does not provide such necessity.

In many cases, practices are cut short which means the opportunities for development are reduced, which resorts to the question being asked “Why did I spend my hard earned money to join this program?” We would like to avoid that.

In addition to lighting, the change provides us with the flexibility to position our teams.  It is vital that we provide a comfortable and spacious location that has the ability to accommodate our tackle football, jr. flag football, and cheerleaders.

We hope this does not change your commitment. We hope this serves as evidence that we are constantly working to set the standard for a program by continuously improving and providing our players with the best opportunity possible to grow.


            Please Note: Our football camp June 4th – June 5th, will still be held at Coleman Community Center.

Seven Oaks Park
1285 School Lane
Nashville, TN 37217


If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

As Always.. #FlyWithUs


Board of Directors

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