May 15, 2019

General Information

Q: How long has the Percy Priest Ducks been in existence?
A: As of 2019 we are going into our 4th Season. We were established in the Fall of 2015.

Q: What league does the Percy Priest Ducks Play in?
A: We are members of the TNYFL (Tennessee Youth Football League)

Q: Where does the Percy Priest Ducks practice & play games at?
A: Our practice field is located at Seven Oaks Park & our home field is Ezell-Harding Christian School. We have operating lights & restroom facilities.

Q: What all ages does the Percy Priest Ducks accept?
A: We accept ages 4-12 (Flag,Tackle) and 5-14 (Cheer)

Q: Are background checks performed on volunteers?
A: Yes. We use Verity Screening Services to perform background checks on all Volunteers, whether they Coach or not. We do a National DB Search & a Local Criminal Search.


Q: What is the cost to play?
A: Flag $65 , Tackle Football $125 , Cheerleading $200. We provide complete uniforms.

Q: When does practice start?
A: Practice starts in the middle of July. For 2019, first day of practice is July 15th.

Q: What all does my kid need? Does Percy Priest provide equipment?
A: Helmets & Shoulder pads are on first serve basis as we are limited. If we are unable to provide Helmets & Shoulder Pads, parents will need to do so. Also, parents would need to provide Practice Pants, Practice Jerseys, Mouth Piece, Chin Strap, and Cleats. We will schedule & communicate equipment days.  In order to receive equipment from us, registration fees must be paid in full.

Q: Are refunds available?
A: Yes. We will refund 100% up until June 30th (2 weeks) before practice starts. After June 30th, we will refund 50% up until the conclusion of the 1st week of practice. Once the second week of practice has started, there are no refunds available.

Q: Are uniforms ordered uniquely for each player/cheerleader?
A: With the exception of Cheerleaders, who will be sized individually, all uniforms are ordered in bulk. Players are sized & matched based on availability. We usually have no issues as we order a variety of different sizes.

Q: Can parents volunteer to coach?
A: Yes. Parents can volunteer to coach and are held to the same standards as any other volunteer. We cannot and will not promise or guarantee that you’ll be able to coach on the team your child plays on.

Q: What is the practice & game schedule?
A: With the exception of the very first week of practice (Mon – Fri). We practice Mon, Tues, & Thursdays from 6pm – 7:30pm. For older ages, they sometimes run to 8pm. Games are played on Saturdays, time & location varies from week to week.

Q: How long does the season last?
A: Not considering any delays due to weather, season is expected to end by first week of November.

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